Change management

Change management

If you and your organization are managing through extensive business process transitions, digital transformation initiatives or needing help for groups who are adapting to technology use and effective teaming in a changing workplace modalities, our change management and communications services can help at any stage in your process.

• Change strategy development, impact analysis, risk assessments, program design, leadership and stakeholder engagement, and communications, training programs, metrics and reporting,
• Designing communication and training programs that leverage collaboration and digital technologies to accelerate and amplify change management programs across an organization,
• Expert communications strategies and plans, executive and employee communications, content development, (newsletters, web, copy social media, blog, tools, videos).

Communities for change

Communities for Change can be effectively used to mobilize, accelerate and enlarge change initiatives and can be incorporated as a powerful addition to change management practice. As companies bring collaboration platforms into their organizations, integrating online communities into strategic initiatives is a key component to address the pace and breadth of change that needs to flow through organizations.

We offer services in
– Integrating communities into organizational and business change initiatives
– Community program planning and design
– Community Management – Skills development, operations
– Community health – measurement and reporting
– Community management services – facilitating, stewarding communities

Here are ways that Communities for Change are being applied today – See the Communities for Change blog post for additional background.

Business integration champions – A business integration champion community brings together identified leaders and early adopters together to become advocates for change across their organizations

New skills and applied practice – An applied practice change community includes dimensions of a community of practice augmented with program features that are well suited to initiatives that seek to introduce new disciplines and practice such as Agile or applied data science into an organization. .

Accelerating strategic initiatives