Future skills

Building competencies, skills, practice

The digital workplace has brought new opportunities for people to work in more dynamic, interactive and empowered ways.   More of their talent and know-how can be readily applied to solving problems, working more efficiently, surfacing innovation.

Employees who may be actively engaged in the public web and social media as consumers and citizens – sharing information, connecting with people of similar interests, broadening their networks, learning new skills, participating in communities – often struggle to adapt and use the rich range of tools and digital technologies within an organizational context.  Guided experience and support towards new mindsets, behaviors and practices are often missing elements in digital transformation and change programs.

We offer a range of practical solutions to help your organization foster a more collaborative, connected workforce, one that’s able to leverage people, knowledge, and digital tools.

Working Out Loud Circles-A guided mastery program for networking and collaboration

Working Out Loud Circles is a guided mastery program that helps people develop their networks,  build relationships and interact more collaboratively using modern approaches to reach and engage people.   Working Out Loud Circles are peer support groups of 4-5 people who support one another as they each build networks towards goals they care about over 12 weeks.  Our service uses the tools and approaches developed by John Stepper, author of Working Out Loud.

We work with you to design and implement a Working Out Loud Circle program that integrates with your current organizational change, learning an development or enterprise social networking programs.

•    Program design and facilitation
•    Communications and coordination
•    Evaluation and assessment processes
•    Executive communications and engagement
•    Working Out Loud books and Circle Guides

We also offer an Accelerated Development Program to help you broaden and scale your Working Out Loud Circle program in your organization.     Your workforce will learn by doing, building relationships related to a goal they care about and receiving coaching along the way.    The Accelerated Development Program gives your organization a new learning and development capability, with materials and trained coaches that enable them to continue to spread the practice.

•    Custom materials created specifically for your organization
•    Training for up to 50 Circle Coaches
•    Circle facilitation for up to 250 people

Adaptive Teams

  • Understand how teams work in today’s networked environments
  • Recognize how networked teams need’s for adjusting their composition for right fitting skills and expertise to the needs
  • See the framings for components, features, functionality, and processes needed for efficient adaptive teams
  • Work from the understanding that open node team environments increase efficiency when adding new members to a team, as well as clients and effective management