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Enterprise Social Networking: Business Case, Adoption, & Engagement – co-developed and presented with Carrie Basham-Young, Principal, Talk Social To Me. Designed for executive sponsors of social initiatives, community managers, and technical leaders of social product portfolio.

Flexible & Agile Workstyles & Processes for the 21st Century Organization co-developed and presented with  Susan Scrupski, Founder, Change Agents Worldwide Joachim Stroh, Change Agent, Change Agents Worldwide, Carrie Young, Principal, Talk Social to Me.  Half-day workshop designed to shares 21st century network practices of Change Agents Worldwide – how they work, their values, how they adopt/adapt/ exapt new ways of working with their global team and new processes based on agile and self-organizing principles.

Columbia University Adjunct FacultyInformation and Knowledge Strategy Masters’ program, School of Professsional Studies.  co-teach two courses since 2014.
Networks and Collaboration: Issues and Methods
Social Media Inside the Organization

Smarter Innovation: Using Interactive Processes to Drive Better Business Results  Smarter Innovation authors teach us how effective innovation interactions are more collaborative and iterative — bringing the agility so essential for living with industry disruption.