Digital workplace

Enterprise social networks, intranets, workgroup collaboration

We help our clients across the spectrum of social business programs. Whether you’re looking into an enterprise social network for your organization for the first time, need to re-energize existing efforts or develop focused online community programs, we help you develop the strategies, business cases and productive engagement programs to ensure business relevance, optimal engagement and identify the right technologies for success.

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

Business Planning, Change Managment,

Integrating Enterprise Social Networking technology into your organization is a business decision as well as a technology one.  We offer a range of services to ensure both a successful implementation of the ESN into your organizational culture, aligned and supporting your strategic business imperatives.

  • Building a custom business case, strategy and roadmap for ESN, whether your organization is 150 or 150,000.
  • ESN planning and programs for organizational success – readiness assessment, launch planning and adoption programs, measurement models and frameworks,  business value assessments, operational and business system integration, social network analyses
  • Use cases – Identify, document business relevant use cases aligned with key business case imperatives
  • Vendor evaluation and selection against business case and business considerations (IT, security, compliance, regulatory requirements).
  • Executive education – workshops, briefings, leadership engagement programs, whitepaper development
  • Access to our network – we can provide introductions to leading industry professionals to help you gain seasoned real-life perspectives on implementing enterprise social networks.


Business Strategy Workshop

This workshop is designed to guide you through the process of identifying and clarifying your ESN business rationale and business imperatives, the key structural elements to your program, executive education and engagement strategies and the makeup and roles of an ESN planning and launch team.

Launch and Implementation

This workshop is designed to guide you through the process and key elements of getting to launch and early adoption of your ESN.   Through the workshop process, you’ll develop a launch framework, develop a change management strategy, including outlining the requirements for Advocates and Champions programs and executive engagement strategies.

Additional Services

Advocate and Champion Programs

Advocate and Champion programs are a vital part of enlarging adoption and scaling change as you integrate an enterprise social network into your organization.  In fact, these programs leverage the power of the network for social learning, to help extend adoption ownership, embed the ESN into your culture via more bottoms up mechanisms, and provides an opportunity to deepen employee engagement and recognition.

Advocates are people in your organization who are highly enthusiastic about social or digital technology.  They’re motivated to be the first to experience new tools, capabilities, and features and serve as import examples to colleagues.

Champions are individuals at any level of the organization who are skilled at initiating, facilitating and inspiring change as proven advocates for their teams.   Both Advocates or Champions can be organized and supported in ways that will accelerate adoption of the ESN and deepen business relevance and value.

We help you design an implement Advocates and Champions programs.
•    Advocate and champion program design and structure
•    Online community facilitation for regular interaction, knowledge exchange
•    Toolkit development, training, messaging resource development
•    Communications
•    Success story and case study development
•    Models and best practice for rewards and recognition
•    Measurement and assessment

Network Health Assessment – Recharge your ESN

Companies and organizations may have concerns about consistency of ESN adoption, or struggle with understanding and identifying business value, or have new business priorities that they want to leverage the ESN towards.  Whether it’s toward re-energizing and re-charging your ESN or re-aligning towards new business priorities, we can help assess the health and bring new focus to the ESN program.
•    An ESN Health Assessment will look at your current implementation evaluating top current use cases, adoption programs, governance models, business value articulation efforts, operational and measurement practices, as well as executive engagement and management.