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The Future of Work is Now
The Future of Work is Now 1024 766 Catherine Shinners

In the last two weeks of June 2016, four major technology companies entered into watershed relationships that harken the arrival of the Future of Work.   On June 13 Microsoft announced it’s intent to acquire LinkedIn.This acquisition signals the driving of the value of the network into organizations.   The fundamental message – the network…

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Social collaboration – the dynamics of ‘working-out-loud’
Social collaboration – the dynamics of ‘working-out-loud’ 762 753 Catherine Shinners

A significant benefit for users and organizations who employ social collaboration solutions such as enterprise social networking (ESN) is that it supports a more transparent, conversational way of working, enables more visible communication flows, and asynchronous yet interactive problem solving. Organizations and workers struggle to address burgeoning workloads, to be able to create group cohesion…

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