Communities for Change

Catalyzing change at the speed of networks

Communities for Change are network-based social structures use to mobilize, accelerate and enlarge change initiatives and can be incorporated as a powerful addition to change management practice. As companies bring enterprise social networks and collaboration platforms into their organizations, integrating online communities into strategic initiatives is a key component to address the pace and breadth of change that needs to flow through organizations.

We offer services in

– Integrating communities into organizational and business change initiatives
– Community Program Planning and Design
– Community Management – Skills Develop, Operations
– Community health – measurement and reporting
– Community Management Services – facilitating, stewarding communities

Here are ways that Communities for Change are being applied today

Business Integration Champions – A business integration champion community brings together identified leaders and early adopters together to become advocates for change across their organizations. An online community can be structure to engage its members to provide input into change strategies and guidance, suggest and help design adoption campaigns and participate in discussion forums, focus groups and virtual roundtables on initiative topics and challenges. The champion community also becomes an important network.

New Skills and Applied Practice – An applied practice change community includes dimensions of a community of practice augmented with program features that are well suited to initiatives that seek to introduce new disciplines and practice such as Agile or applied data science into an organization. These communities are designed to provide access to training, to sets of approved methodologies and tools, and as members move through their training, find the community a place for on-going advancement of their expertise through ongoing interaction with knowledge exchange with their peers and senior mentors. Another key element is to designate the community to include a curated portfolio of applied projects to the business so practitioners can learn from relevant projects and executives can gain insight into how to sponsor or bring projects into their own lines of business. These communities can include thought leadership or innovation sections from sources external to the organization, and can also be a launch point for crowdsourced responses to challenges or missions for members of the community to tackle.

Accelerating strategic Initiatives